Regal Fragrances

From the regal past of Egypt, with few interesting elements from the Greece and Arab history too, we hereby present you the wide range of articulately developed fragrances from the connoisseurs of Scentokrish.

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Our Story

“Quality without compromise”

Scentokrish has established itself as a reputed firm of the industry over the years. We have our clientele scattered all over India and even beyond boundaries of the country. Our production department comprises experts who have practical knowledge of over a decade in the same industry and youth who utilises their zeal and energy in bringing constant innovation in products. Moreover our company has a subsidiary in automobile, real estate and textile industries as well for more than three decades.

Our policy comprises providing approved quality products consistently to customers. Also we are very firm in our assurance and commitment especially with regard to delivery of goods unless and otherwise there is an unfamiliar circumstance.

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Our Services

“Assurance without endurance”

F i n e   F r a g r a n c e

Fine fragrance's characteristics denote its potential to dominate an individual's mood and create a lasting impact on the mind. It can capture moments and cherish memories. They solve important functional problems and they satisfy valued emotional needs.


P e r s o n a l   C a r e

Fragrance can help to set an atmosphere when imparting a pleasant odor, mask the inherent smell of some ingredients, and enhance the experience of using the product. Numerous studies confirmed that fragrance plays a pivotal role in people's preference for cosmetic and personal care products.


“Scent that connects”

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“Savour is next to goodliness”

Why not start the journey of your upcoming products with an elite range of fragrances from Scentokrish?

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